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Rules & Regulation
1. Defination of the words in the rules and regulation :-
a) Association :- Association means Association of consulting Civil Engineers, Solapur

b) Objectives :- Objectives means the objectives of the Society spacified in the Memo randum of Association item No.

c) Member :- Members means one who pays the membership subscription and only sanctioned by the Managing Committee of the society as per rules and regulations.

d) Managing Committe :-The Managing Committee means a committee in which routine matters of the society are aassigned as per rules and regulations.

e) Annual General Meeting :- The annual general meeting means the yearly meeting called of all the members of the society.

2. Area of Operation :- The area of operation of the said society is limited to the Satete of Maharashtra only.

3. Accounting Year:-The accounting year of the said Association shall be commencing on 1st Oct & on 30th Sept.

4.Membership and Registration procedure :-

Eligibility of Membership :-

a) Should be Male and Female, inhabitant of india and having age above 18 years.

b) Should not be one who is incapciated by Law to enter into contractual obligations.

c) Should be one willing to work as per Memo randum of Association and constitution.

d) Any person having minimum of a degree in Civil Engineering or Equivalent and having a Solapur Municipal Corporation's Licence to practice as structural Engineer or Engineers.

e) However, the person recognised as founder Member and hold solapur Municipal Corporation's Licence to practice as supervisor with Diploma in civil Engineer are entitled for membership of the Association.

f) Any Company or society or any Corporate body or firm from the field of civil Engineering Consultancy and having appropriate recognition from the Solapur Municipal Corporation and having their main branch office at solapur

Person ossirous of becoming member of the Association shall sign the application from precribed for the purpose and pay the amount prescribed for category of membership applied for as specified in Rules 5(i) and (ii)and submit the form to the Secretary of the society. The secretary shall place the same before the managing comittee whose decision on admission of membership shall be final.

5. Types of Members :-

(i) Life Member :- Any person or body dedicated to constructive work and who is having beliaf in the aims and objects of the association should donate 1500?- or more in cheque, such member are treated as life members.

(ii) Ordinary Member :-Any person who have faith in aims and objects of the Association may be admitted to membership of the Association on payment of Rs.1000/- as entrance fees and Rs.1000/- as annual subscription

iii) --- :- Any person who have faith in aims and objectives at the Association may be admitted to the membership       of the Association on payment of Rs.4000/- and will be considered as member for 5 year.

6. Association of Membership :- A person shall cease to be a member of the Association. 
a)    On his Death.

b)   On his registration in writting and acceptiance of the same to the Managing Committee.

c)   On being mentally disabled or incapaciated to enter into contractual obligations.

d)  Any Person who's activities are considered dedfrimental to the interest of the Association can be removed from the Membership of the Association by Decision of the mejority of the members present and voting at the meeting of the General body of the Association convened for the purpose.

e)   On his failure to pay subscription within the due period as decided by the Executive Committee

f)   Those member whose names appear on the list of the members of the society on 31st August of the Calender year shall be entitled to vote in the General body meeting.